# Carbon Tracking


Carbon tracking requires a PRO account.

# How it works

Carbon tracking works by analysing all the files loaded on your website to calculate the total bytes loaded. Your page is only analysed if:

  1. It receives page views.
  2. It has been longer than 3 days since the last analysis.
  3. It has been modified. We know this by checking the page header last-modified and comparing the html against our last saved hash. This way we can save energy by skipping unnecessary assets if they haven't changed.

Each analysis run is stored as a historic log for that page.

# How much a visitor loads

Once we have a total bytes for your page we determine how much a visitor might have loaded by assigning them a percentage.

  • Their first visit - 100%
  • Their first visit to the page, but not to your domain - 50%
  • Not their first visit to the page - 5%

# How CO2 is calculated

We've updated our CO2 calculations (25/08/2022) to utilise The Green Web Foundation's CO2 (opens new window) library. This has been enabled by the work explained in Sustainable Web Design - Calculating Digital Emissions (opens new window), which is regularly updated to include the most recent research and information.

Our old method was explained in a previous post here (opens new window).

We check your website against The Green Web Foundation API to determine if you are using a green host.

Last Updated: 8/25/2022, 11:43:16 AM